Still life Deer skull with red apples and grapes

Still life “Deer skull with red apples and grapes”

The oil painting is available for sale.

  • Size: 30×40 cm
  • Canvas on cardboard
  • Paint: Oil
  • Technique: Multilayer
  • Painting style: Realism
  • 2022 year
  • Ukraine

Still life “Deer skull with red apples and grapes” from a series of original oil paintings “Still lifes with animal skulls” by Inna Kapitun

Since ancient times, the Deer has been considered a noble animal that monitors the cleanliness of the forest and rules over all horned animals. Our ancestors believed that the Deer can work miracles and speak with a human voice, because it was considered the personification of ancestors. They also noted the similarity of deer antlers with tree branches, due to which the image of a deer was associated with the Tree of Life. Did you know that deer antlers are a symbol of the sun’s rays? Yes Yes! That is why it is associated with the sun, rebirth and is considered an auspicious symbol. And in medieval art, the Deer symbolized purity, innocence and love of seclusion.

A still life in combination with an animal skull makes us look at ordinary things around us in a different way. Beautiful and at the same time mystical plots are harmoniously combined with each other and at the same time soothe and confuse our imagination.

The still life “Skull of a deer with red apples and grapes” is made with oil paints in the classical technique. Noble brown colors are harmoniously combined with natural red, green and blue colors. The center of the composition is the skull of a red deer with big horns, which combines beauty and some mystery. A vine of ripe grapes with green leaves hangs from the beautiful horns, which lowers our gaze to the sweet red apples. An original still life will add a special atmosphere and coziness near the fireplace, on the wall in the living room and in the study near the bookcase.

Do you have a country house? Maybe he is waiting for this original oil painting.

P.S.: And what feelings does this still life evoke in you? Write in the comments below. I would be glad to hear your thoughts.

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